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MIDI-файлы: Ray Vaughan, Stevie

 Ain't Gone 'N' Give Up On Love (Soul To Soul, 1985)
 Caught In The Crossfire
Cold Shot (Couldn't Stand The Weather, 1984)
 Couldn't Stand The Weather (Couldn't Stand The Weather, 1984)
 Dirty Pool (Texas Flood, 1983)
 Hillbillies From Outerspace (Family Style, 1990)
 House Is Rockin, The (In Step, 1989)
 I'm Crying (Texas Flood, 1983)
 Lenny (Texas Flood, 1983)
 Little Wing (The Sky Is Crying, 1991)
 Mary Had A Little Lamb (Texas Flood, 1983)
 Pride And Joy (Texas Flood, 1983)
 Scuttlebuttin' (Couldn't Stand The Weather, 1984)
 Texas Flood (Texas Flood, 1983)
 You'll Be Mine (Soul To Soul, 1985)