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MIDI-файлы: Rush

 Between The Wheels (Grace Under Pressure, 1984)
 Body Electric, The (Grace Under Pressure, 1984)
 Broon's Bane (Exit Stage Left, 1981)
 Camera Eye, The (Moving Pictures, 1981)
 Closer To The Heart (Exit Stage Left, 1981)
 Distant Early Warning (Grace Under Pressure, 1984)
 Dreamline (Roll The Bones, 1991)
 Enemy Within: Part I of "Fear", The (Grace Under Pressure, 1984)
 Entre Nous (Permanent Waves, 1980)
 Farewell To Kings, A (A Farewell To Kings, 1977)
 Fly By Night (Fly By Night, 1975)
 Hemispheres: Cygnus X-1 Book II (Hemispheres, 1978)
 Limelight (Moving Pictures, 1981)
 Losing It (Signals, 1982)
 Madrigal (A Farewell To Kings, 1977)
 Manhattan Project (Chronicles, 1990)
 Marathon (Power Windows, 1985)
 Middletown Dreams (Power Windows, 1985)
 Mission (Hold Your Fire, 1987)
 Limelight (Moving Pictures, 1981)
 New World Man (Signals, 1982)
 Red Barchetta (Moving Pictures, 1981)
 Red Sector A (Grace Under Pressure, 1984)
 Roll The Bones (Roll The Bones, 1991)
 Show Don't Tell (Presto, 1989)
 Spirit Of Radio
 Stick It Out (Counterparts, 1993)
 Subdivisions (Signals, 1982)
 Time Stnd Still (Hold Your Fire, 1987)
 Tom Sawyer (Moving Pictures, 1981) sequence by GalileoTXN
 Vital Sign (Moving Pictures, 1981)
 Weapon: Part 2 Of "Fear", The (Signals, 1982)
 Witch Hunt (Moving Pictures, 1981)
 YYZ (Moving Pictures, 1981)