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MIDI-файлы: Malmsteen, Yngwie

 As Above So Below (Rising Force)
 Black Star (Rising Force)
 Crying (Trilogy)
 Cry No More (Fire And Ice, 1992)
 Demon Driver (Eclipse)
 Disciples Of Hell (Marching Out)
 Eclipse (Eclipse)
 Evil Eye (Rising Force)
 Far Beyond The Sun (Rising Force)
 Fire (Trilogy)
 Golden Dawn (Fire And Ice, 1992)
 Heaven Tonight (Odyssey)
 How Many Miles To Babylon (Fire And Ice, 1992)
 I Am A Viking (Marching Out)
 I'll See The Light Tonight (Marching Out)
 Krakatau (Odyssey)
 Little Savage (Rising Force)
 Magic Mirror (Trilogy)
 Now Your Ships Are Burned (Rising Force)
 Rising Force (Odyssey)
 Save Our Love (Eclipse)
 See You In Hell (Don't Be Late) (Eclipse)
 Trilogy Suite Op.5 (Trilogy)