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MIDI-файлы: King, B.B.

 Don't Answer The Door (Blues Is King, 1967)
 Get Off My Back Woman (Live And Well, 1969)
 Guess Who (Guess Who, 1972)
 How Blue Can You Get (King Of The Blue, 1992)
 Into The Night (Six Silver Strings, 1985)
 Let The Good Times Roll (I Like To Live The Love - with Bobby Bland)
 Make Love To Me (Blues 'N' Jazz, 1983)
 Sweet Sixteen (Back In The Alley, 1973)
 Thrill Is Gone (Live In Cook County Jail, 1971)
 To Know You Is To Love You (To Know You Is To Love You, 1971)
 Why I Sing The Blues (Why I Sing The Blues)